Speaker BootCamp!

Monetize Your Message from Any Platform

February 25, 2021


Not Everyone Can Transfer In-Person Speaking Skills to Virtual Platforms!

Never Leave a Virtual (or In-person) Appearance Empty Handed!

Speak with Confidence!  Sell with Authority!

  • Do you have a story, mission, movement, or message?

  • Are you passionate about growing a profitable business?

  • Would you like to effectively encourage, inspire, or challenge your audience?

  • Do you want to easily connect with your ideal client?

  • Do you want to confidently convert 5 or 6-figures from every stage?

  • Have you ever wanted to successfully generate a stream of leads through speaking?

  • Are you afraid of public speaking from any platform?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions . . .

  • Get Booked Today

    Be Blown Away with Strategies to Capitalize on Getting Booked to Share Your Message and Mission in the World. Discover the Secret to Landing More Gigs.

  • Speak to Sell

    Learn the Crucial Mistakes Speakers Make and Why They Are Not Nailing the Sale. Discover How To Combine Your Experience, Unique Personality, and Sales Strategies to Close From Any Platform.

  • Presentation Tips & Techniques

    Discover How to Deliver Your Message for Big Impact and Big Income. Master Your Message and Scale Your Business.

Bringing You Over 30 Years of Experience in the World of Professional Speaking and Sales Training.

Coaching for IMPACT . . . 

  • Master the Fastest Path to Cash and Reduce The Cost of Client Acquisition.

  • Stand out as the Authority and Leave a Huge Lasting Impact 

  • Sell From Any Platform: ON or OFFline

  • Nail the Vital Components of Your Talk 

  • Never Be An Ordinary Speaker Again

Discover the Power of Your Message!

Discover . . . 

  • Simple & Easy Ways to Get More Speaking Engagements NOW
  • How to Convert Audience Members into Clients
  • Secrets to Getting High Paying Clients
  • Mastering the 1-to-Many Speaking Engagement
  • Best Methods to Close from Any Platform
  • Proven Methods to Own the Stage, Command Presence, & Create a Lucrative Business
  • Authentic Ways to Connect So Deeply, Your Clients Want What You Have   
  • Speak on Stage in Front of a Large Group
  • How to Utilize Distractions to Your Advantage and Increase Your Sales


Learn From The BEST. . . 


Dr. Stevie Dawn, Professional Speaker, Coach, and Mindset Expert is teaming with me to Get You Booked TODAY!


You name it Stevie has done it all, from dancing on the Las Vegas strip, to owning a small business in Australia at the ripe, old age of 17, to joining the United States Marine Corps...

Never considering the risks, but rather pursuing the results, joy, fun, and success.               

Today, she is a brilliant speaker, coach, and out of this world mindset expert.

Trust me when I say, getting booked and speaking isn't for the faint of heart. It is for the . . . 


Well Informed

Profoundly Prepared

Overly Resourced

And . . . Truly Invested 

STEVIE IS HERE TO TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED . . . From Getting Booked Today to Commanding the Mind of a Speaker!


Join Us for Speaker BootCamp

Let us support you in getting your message out into the world for MAXIMUM IMPACT!

You Must Speak to Profit &

Start a Surge of High Paying Clients

What’s Included:

COVID Safe "Hands-On" Coaching by Jane M Powers and Dr Stevie Dawn 

Presentation Opportunities

INTROmercialⓇ Training: Creation, Polishing, and Delivery

Speaking Tips and Tricks

Get Booked Today Training!

. . . And The Famous Pickle Game!

February 25, 2021 from 9am - 6pm MST

$97  FULLY Refundable Speaking Deposit 

Total Cost $0

(Full Refund at the Conclusion of the Event. Full Event Attendance Required)

100% Money Back Guarantee : )

Meet Your Coaches!

Jane M Powers

Using her straightforward, big-hearted style, Jane M Powers guides thousands to transform their message to money from any platform, with her “Speak to Profit" Formula.  With decades of successful speaking and coaching, and perhaps most important of all, real-life experience founding and running multi-million dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your message.


Entrepreneurs hire Jane to speak with confidence and sell with authority, so they can generate a sustainable sales funnel to easily identify, capture, and close their ideal clients.  With nearly 30 years of sales success as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur, she brings you everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool around to make money - Speaking! 

Meet Your Coaches!

Dr Stevie Dawn

Professional Speaker ~ Mindset Expert

Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter, professional speaker  and coach. Dr. Stevie is focused on helping people to unleash unstoppable success in their lives both personally and professionally.


Her experience as a 4-time business owner, along with her work in the private and public sector, allows her to enhance her presentations with real life stories and examples that are applicable to every audience. Her educational background includes a master’s degree in sociology from Wichita State University and a doctorate in leadership from Colorado State University. With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Dr. Stevie Dawn approaches every engagement with humor, inspiration, and energy to get people moving towards their best lives.

  • 4-Time Business owner
  • Founder of Stevie Dawn Inspires
  • Host of the Crazy, Bold Joy Podcast
  • PhD in Leadership (studied Emotional Intelligence)
  • Addicted to Sharks, Coffee, and Red Wine
  • Lives with her husband and family in Mansfield, TX

Speaking SUCCESS Stories

Since working with Jane, our income has exploded. We'd heard of the concept of speaking from stage in order to gain clients, but until we met Jane, we were never successful at it.

Cat and Barry Cohen

Cohen Coaching

We immediately improved our speaking skills and got speaking gigs. Speaking has been the best decision we ever made.

My revenue has increased 300% in just 3 months of working with Jane. I’ve become an international best selling author and have enrolled students into my  programs from stage.  

Eileen Galbraith

Credit KnowHow


In no time, I was booked to speak and have been on over 17 stages since my journey with Jane began.

RJ Redden

BlackBelt Bots





My Results . . . Simply



Jay Fiset



 Jane M. Powers was the one person who I really resonated with, her wit and humor, her ability to command a room and her ability to sell in an aligned and powerful way.



I hired Jane to help me craft my opening, TIGHTEN my message, and sell in an aligned manner in 90 min or less. Over the span of 6 months, I went from converting 5K in a presentation to my personal best of $128,000 in 75 minutes!

60 seconds + One INTROmercial = a $10,500 client.
That’s just the beginning of what listening to and applying the brilliance of Jane M Powers created for me. I joined the yearlong IMPACT program because I saw in Jane what is missing in so many other programs out there ... substance. Relevant substance that works.

Deborah Dubree



With business and speaking expertise that runs vast and deep, Jane’s insight has been incredibly valuable to me and my business.

Jane has helped me fine tune my messaging and empowered me to go out and deliver my talk with confidence. After only a few months of working with Jane, I tripled any previous years revenue from speaking engagements and the feedback has been phenomenal!

Susan Atwell

AtWell Staged Home


Jane has the unique ability of making every single person in a room, from her audience to her clients, feel seen, heard, and incredibly special! 


Jenny Harkleroad

Balanced YOU


With her coaching and expertise, I was able to make six figures the same year. I owe my speaking with confidence and selling with authority to Jane M Powers.



I heard Jane speak at a women’s luncheon in San Diego. I knew I had to hire her if I wanted my income to change. Not only is she the best speaking and sales coach in the business, but she is a wonderful friend.

Heidi Mount

Coach Heidi Mount


After 1 week of her help, I made $18,000 and 3 weeks later I made $6000 and still growing. Jane cut out my busy work and gave me a prioritized step by step plan on making money fast.

I learned exactly how to attract my ideal clients and I am able to give a 100% endorsement of her. Trust her, she is over the top in helping you leverage your time.

Speaking is the Fastest Path to Cash!


AND - The Best way to have a Huge Impact!

2020 Speaker BootCamp is designed to provide you with top notch coaching, training, and strategies. Join us and leverage your gifts, talents, experience, and signature story. 


No one has your talents, stories, or gifts . . . Let us help you get out into the world and make a profound difference, while making profound MONEY!


Let Us Leave You With A Final Thought . . . 


If NOT You, then WHO?

Jane M Powers 2020. All rights reserved.